• Alone

    Death to those who
    are self loving and bitter
    and wish to be alone.
    Alone is to die alone,... more »

  • An Angel's Fall

    As a storm brews an angel waits. Unknown to her, she has a sad fate. He was to come for her, but come for her he has not. She's waited for what feels like an eternity. Is he coming? As her wait goes on she feels she's been wronged. 'Was this a failure? My attempt to find love?... more »

  • Awaken Little Dreamer

    ... more »

  • Death Of A Vampire

    ... more »

  • Emotions Unyielding

    ... more »

  • Fear Followed By Death

    As I lay here waiting for sleep to take me I hear a sound
    The sound of glass shattering, confused am I
    Struck with fear of dying I begin crying
    Then I see a dark figure standing in my room... more »

  • Into The Abyss

    As I fall into the abyss,
    I close my eyes and ask myself, 'Am I gonna die? '
    Falling, I am falling
    I hear someone calling,... more »

  • Lost In A Haze Of Mist

    Lost am I in a haze of mist. I can't see, blinded am I. Help, won't someone help me? A single tear slides down my face as I realize this might be the end. Then I see you, clad in all black and eyes outline with black, my gothic knight in shining armour. You approach me with a bloody smile on your face for you have slain my pursuers. I walk towards you, without caution for I trust you. But something seems amiss. Something is wrong, but what? Now we are face to face, hardly any space between you and I.... more »

  • Paranoia Overall

    Wide eyes search the atmosphere around their dwelling. Black shadows twitch in the rise of the home's bright gigantic star. Whispers are spread by the chilling breeze.... more »

  • Snap Goes Her Sanity

    ... more »

  • Stopping Time, A Whispered Goodbye

    Time is ticking away
    So fast, too fast
    Time is running by even as I stand still
    Time stops as I think of him... more »

  • Vampir

    ... more »