• Her Favorite Place

    She grew up there
    Died a few times and was reborn there
    She lays on the floor and looks up to the ceiling
    Not knowing that these walls hold on to her deepest secrets... more »

  • My Last Love Text

    Baby I told you if you make me cry again...
    I don't understand how you can be so amazing sometimes
    But then you wouldn't be bothered to see me when i'm half a minute away from you? !
    It hurts me, cause even thought you don't do anything for me... more »

  • Ready For Love

    Ready for love

    Standing here steady for love... more »

  • Time For Honesty/ All Because Of Love

    I loved you since i first saw u
    Why I loved u was uncertain
    When we got close I knew
    I knew you were the one for me... more »