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Trust And Betrayal

You say you love me, and I want to believe again.
We said I do, in better or worse, that was not true.
When I look in the mirror all I see is a lie and hurt.
I go to sleep in pain, I wake up in pain.... more »

Goodbye Dad

I never realized how much I would miss you until you were no longer there.
My entire life I tried so hard to reach all my goals, and some goals you set for me, so that just once you would say 'I'm proud of you'
I don't remember much, the night the call came. I remember thinking you cannot be gone, theres so much unsaid between us. Nothing has been the same since that night. In a second, nothing would ever be the same. The man that held my hand when I was scared. The man that I looked up to, the man I wish had made more time for me, the man I was so very proud to call 'Dad' was gone.
Why did we hold things in? Why is it whenever you were ready to leave instead of saying I love you, instead of asking you to stay- walking away is what we did best.... more »

Not Sure Anymore

I'm not sure how to let you go.
How to not even be your friend.
I always believed love would be enough and in the end
theres nothing left to keep us together.... more »

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