• Abuse

    Some where in the darkeness
    In the corners of my mind
    There is a childhood memory
    That I no longer want to find... more »

  • As I

    As I dream the dreams I had of me and you
    As I walk this path of old and new
    As I look around and see what was
    And what was never to be... more »

  • Don'T

    Don’t judge me for I never once judged you
    Don’t tell me what I am supposed to do
    Don’t tell me with whom I can speak
    I am strong no longer weak.... more »

  • Dreams

    Dry those tear stained eyes
    Look up to the open skies
    Dream the dreams you hold so dear
    Bring them forth, hold them forever near.... more »

  • Eternal Fantasy

    I never will forget you
    Who ever you may be
    The man on the internet
    Who one night looked for me.... more »

  • Goodbye

    I watch you while your sleeping
    You never know I’m there
    I listen to you breathing
    And gently stroke your hair.... more »

  • Infidelity

    In her heart, mind and body
    A war rages deep within
    She’s trying to control her feelings
    She’s trying not to commit a sin.... more »

  • Life

    In life there is no guarantee
    Of happiness you will find
    So grab each precious moment
    And leave the past behind... more »

  • Love And Affection

    You asked for love and affection
    I gave it willingly
    But did that give you the right
    To be so cruel to me.... more »

  • One Night

    One night I was feeling lonely
    One night I was feeling blue
    That night I logged onto the internet
    That night I then met you.... more »

  • Only 22

    The music in the night club
    Is dancing through her head
    Her body is intoxicated
    With every word that he has said... more »

  • The Knight

    The darkest angel awaits her knight
    For he must come forth
    And not give up on the fight
    To destroy the devil that holds her within... more »

  • The News

    A man is stabbed in a street
    His blood runs ever red
    Nobody stops to help him
    He’s left there till he’s dead... more »

  • When

    when you are in the darkness
    alone and feeling blue
    tears falling down your face
    wondering what to do.... more »

  • Why

    why do I love you
    when your face ive not seen
    why do you haunt me
    In reality and dreams... more »

  • You

    You can punch me with your fists
    If it will make you feel like a man
    But no matter how many times you do
    It will never change who I am.... more »

  • You Were

    You were always the one who caught me when I fell
    Always the one I could kiss and tell
    All my secrets old and new
    You never once judged me... more »