• A Little Too Late Now

    I sat and waited patiently for you,
    days would go by and still no sign of you,
    i cried many nights,
    wishing, hoping you'll come,... more »

  • Don'T Promise

    Please, do not promise me anything,
    do not promise me you'll never leave,
    don't you swear we'll be together forever,
    please, don't play those games with me,... more »

  • Holocaust

    In the eyes of a man, there's enough resistance to hold back them tears
    he believes he shouldn't cry because tears would show great fear,
    so he plays the role of being so cold-hearted,
    but as soon as he realizes, many people dying helplessly,... more »

  • I Left You

    I walked away;
    leaving you with nothing but a bitter taste of resentment,
    i left you with just a memory,
    a sacrifice so intolerable,... more »