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'If you love someone don't beg anything except their time & Little love as you need time for understand each other.Always love doesn't mean for physical intimacy, it's the intimacy of two soul who understand each other without saying a single word.'
'Life is never ending story, it comprises of LOVE, PAIN & SMILE! '
Sweta leena panda
'Sometimes i feel even Wild animals knows the value of Love & kindness! '

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Verily, a great write, Truly, a heart touching flight. Really, a profound worth, Undoubtedly, an xlnt mirth. Loved reading, And commenting. My great admiration to you, For you are among the few. You are a poetess indeed, May your words all-time breed. Added some poems to my list, Impressed by the poem's gist. I wish my daughter to be like you, A poetess of excellence in my lieu
Do not cry my child, ever smile. You are brave and strong. Nicely penned. Thanks for sharing.