• A Belief Is A Belief.

    A belief is a belief of what I believe
    A belief is what I don't just believe
    A belief is what I believe even though others don't believe
    A belief is worth believing... more »

  • A Belief.

    I believe God is watching from above
    He doesn't sleep
    He has sharp eyes and long and powerful hands
    He is aware of what is going on... more »

  • A Birthday Wish To My Daughter.

    Happy Birthday! Happy Birthday!

    This comes every year.... more »

  • A Changing World.

    The world is in a bad shape and you know why

    I sense anxieties
    I sense envies... more »

  • A Cleansing Flow.

    What a cleansing flow
    The flow
    The flow
    In the fountain, that cleansing blood... more »

  • A Confession Of Greed.

    My refrigerator is my machine
    Where all my 'greeds' are confined
    Greedy lemon
    Greedy flour... more »

  • A Diversity.

    It is like the Med-sea meeting up with the Pacific ocean
    We can have all kinds;
    people, seas, fishes
    All kinds;... more »

  • A Dream.

    Last night I saw Harvest Moon
    The Moon appears right before me
    It was a great
    It was big... more »

  • A Failure

    a failure i am not
    i tried my hands at planting
    well the roses did grow
    but only a tot... more »

  • A Glutton In All Of Us.

    I cannot deny
    this, there's a gluttony in all of us
    walk around the corner
    there're foods waiting... more »

  • A Good Christian.

    I spend time buying things
    Trying to cheer you up
    You demanded money
    Didn't The Good Lord blesses you enough?... more »

  • A Good Girl.


    A good girl
    A good girl listens to her mother.... more »

  • A Great Change.

    A great change is coming to the world.
    Things ain't gonna be the same again.
    This sickness has brought a great change.
    It changes the way people think.... more »

  • A Happy Heaven.

    This is a happy heaven
    Where songbirds sing all day long.
    A place to serenade!
    A place to burst out!... more »

  • A Hard Working Housewife.

    I smell of pork
    cooking oil... more »

  • A Heavenly Life.

    A heavenly life

    A heavenly life is carefree
    cast all your cares to the Lord... more »

  • A Karmaic Life.

    Karma like the dog is alert
    I, could not breathe
    ...else, I am breathing
    Karma from the bed... more »

  • A Letter To A Friend About The Weather.

    Dear Sky

    The rain of November brings water more than i thought
    Water of March, April, May, June, July and August... more »

  • A Letter To Jesus.

    Sweet Jesus, sweet Jesus

    How can I forget you during valentine
    True and lovely... more »

  • A Loneliness.

    ... more »

  • A Meal To Remember.

    The cozy ambience
    filled with the aroma of seafood and coconut wine
    gentle evening breeze, setting sun, tinged
    surrounded by swaying coconut trees... more »

  • A Memory.

    Somewhere in March
    As I watch television
    By chance, I couldn't believe my eyes
    It was not a documentary that I am used to... more »

  • A Mosquito.

    A mosquito has arrive
    Oh my god it is huge and black
    Though small a mosquito is more dangerous than a monster
    Inside it is packed with lies... more »

  • A New Morning.

    i hope one day
    i'll wake up
    to a new morning
    the morning of my resurrected life... more »

  • A Prayer For Hk.

    I was awoken
    in the middle of the night
    with an urge to pray
    For you HK, I started to pray... more »