• Aeon

    The time we spend together
    The time we share our laughter
    The time I wiped away your tears
    The time I promise you this’ll last forever... more »

  • Insanity

    i'm losing my grasp of this reality
    nothing seems real to me
    i cant keep up with my own pace
    the life i lead only lead me to a blank space... more »

  • My Last Recall

    How I wish it was you who takes my breath away
    I'm counting the moments I have
    Crawling under the shadows of my own deception
    Truth is such a far away imagination... more »

  • Nothing Is Real

    what else i wonder
    seeing life like an ignorant slumber
    how i wish nothing would need a saver
    at least grant me the pleasure... more »

  • The Hallucination Of My Imagination

    what if one day there's no more imagination,
    our life just become a reality,
    without distinction,
    without difference,... more »

  • The Presence

    There’s an angel next to me
    An angel so beautiful and so mesmerizing
    She is very captivating
    Her smiles brighten my life... more »