• All Men Are Free

    ‘ALL men are free and equal born
    Before the Law!’ So runs the worn
    And specious, lying, parrot-cry.
    All men are free—to starve or sigh;... more »

  • France

    OH, golden-lilied Queen—immortal France!
    Thou heritress of storied name and deed,
    As thou hast pluck’d, so oft, from cumb’ring weed
    The fragrant flow’rs of Freedom and Romance,... more »

  • Mater Dolorosa

    JUST as of yore the friendly rain
    Patters its old and frank refrain;
    Just as of yore the world swings by
    The little window where I lie... more »

  • Russia

    IMPLACABLE as are thy arctic floes;
    Grim and gigantic as thy mountain height;
    Girt with thy pines for spindles and the light
    Of pale auroras for thy stars; to those... more »