• Misconstrued Longings (Ramblings)

    maybe in a different life or different time,
    but I don't foresee such destinations for our fate to materialize in this lifetime
    to fancy such an idea would be to only get our hopes up
    This place and these people will not offer any such opportunity for us... more »

  • My Uncle

    ***So I am trying a little different style here, and we'll see if I like it***

    Uncle Kevin wasn't really an uncle
    no relation, no blood... more »

  • Our Life Awaits

    I’ve been wandering around this empty place
    Looking to put a smile on this desperate face
    But artificial was all I found
    And failing to get what I needed done... more »

  • Somewhere Beneath The Leaves

    Autumn gloom comes once again
    Along with barren trees
    Somewhere a child lies
    Beneath the fallen leaves... more »