• Diary Of A Mental Suicidal

    I'm not crazy, I'm not sane
    My throat is sobbing from the pain
    I live in fear, I bathe in doubt
    My throat is cut, I cannot shout... more »

  • Fate?

    Crimson red, trickles fate
    Blood shed, tears
    and seething hate
    A pool of fears;... more »

  • Gazing At The Stars..

    Gazing up at the stars
    I'm wondering why life is so hard
    I'm wondering why people aren't who they say they are
    And to every simple thing there's a complicated thing... more »

  • High On Murder

    Tonight could be the night
    Just let me do it, start no fight
    When I'm done this terribly awful poem
    I'm afraid you won't be going home... more »

  • I Could Never Miss Your Love.

    As I lay and write this poem
    I think and wonder, about my so-called home
    Why do you tease me..
    With your love, comes a fee?... more »

  • I Cut For Me, I Cut For You.

    I cut for me, I cut for you
    I cut for all the things you made me do
    I lie for me, I lie for you
    I lie so I won't ever hurt you... more »

  • I Think About Him All The Time..

    I love you so much that I don't even know if I do
    This is so f**king confusing, I'm sorry it's true
    You write about how your going to kill yourself
    But you seem perfectly happy and in good health... more »

  • I'M So Sorry...

    I can't believe I'm actually crying over you
    I can't believe you've actually caused my heart to break in two
    It was such a long time ago, why am I feeling it now?
    The pain and misery I felt before is now back, I'm wondering how?... more »

  • Just Don'T Get You.?

    Sometimes I just don't get you
    Do you really even have a clue
    I can stare at you all day
    But you just stare right through me... more »

  • Life Is Stupid, Life Is Dumb.

    Life is stupid, life is dumb
    Life is cruel, and devious to some
    See the steeple, hear the bell
    I speak of religion, short of which I've fell... more »

  • Mr.Cooper

    Here is a silly poem XD

    Look at him, he's super duper... more »

  • My Life..?

    My life is spiraling into a dark abyss
    The anger bubbling inside me, can you hear it hiss?
    Fury shoots through me, like only it could
    Wondering what's wrong? I guess you should.... more »

  • My Muffin Poem

    I watch it as carefully as can be,
    I watch it sitting next to my morning tea,
    I do not blink, i do not stir,
    Then in comes 'her',... more »

  • My Own Alphabet.

    A is for Anger
    Seriously, I'm gonna explode.
    B is for Betrayal
    I can't believe you would ever do that.... more »

  • My Story - More Added :)

    **Ok I'm actually trying to write a novel composed completely of poems, this is the beginning, comment plz <3**

    Leaves silently drift to the ground,
    Gracefully, yet carelessly, forming a mound... more »

  • Needles And Pins

    Oh, needles and pins,
    Needles and pins,
    Sleepless nights,
    Stay calm,... more »

  • One Cut, Two Cut.

    One cut,
    Two cut,
    Three cut,
    Four... more »

  • Signed, Confused. ♥

    Dear emotions,

    I'm so sorry, I'm filled with regret
    I'm so angry too, I wish we never met... more »

  • They Say Dreams Never Do Come True.

    They say dreams never do come true..
    But they are wrong, I say they do
    I dream of violence, I dream of hurt
    I dream of children, they live in dirt... more »

  • This Is A Poem, For Somebody I Hate..?

    ... more »

  • This Is How We Feel.

    ... more »

  • --Under Construction-

    When I wake up in the morn',
    I put on my happy face,
    But inside I'm torn,
    Thinking of my happy place,... more »

  • What Do These Words Mean?

    Broke, heart, hate, you...everything is pain
    Knife, blade, scissors, chains...have nothing to gain
    Loved, you, heart, ache... what do these words mean
    Heart, less, more, tears... everything I've been... more »