Born in the Republic of Malawi, Africa now living in London. Likes reading, music, films, food, travel - motorbikes, interacting with people, learning new cultures and expanding myths and values of life.

Enjoy to be around people who can hold a two way and balanced conversation.

Passionate about life's resonance and how it affects us as individuals and collectively.

So you will find that my poems are not only a mixed bag of experiences of myself and those around me but also observations and perceptions.

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Sylvi Sylva Poems

***arrogant To The Point Of Ignorance

When I am arrogant
To the point of ignorance
Unearth me
Unbound me... more »

***in My Lovers Eyes

Do I see,
Prism delights
Violets and azures
Orange and blue haze... more »

***complicated…the Picture

Continuous work in progress....

Life, Love...Death... more »

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Sílvia Oliveira 05 Jan 2008 10:17
As a very recent member from, I´ve came across your name - almost my namesake, which is Sílvia (Sílvia Regina de Oliveira is my full Brazilian name) - and felt inspired to read one of your poems - From Whence You Came - that I now much appreciate to read. I´m a Brazilian woman who visited South Africa in 2002 and was fully impressed by the culture in its different ethinic aspects and tasty wine! I´ve run my own students of English and this exchange of culture is such an exciting and necessary point that I´ve decided to send you my comments on your literary work. I´m a poet, too; in fact, I´ve been writing since my early 20´s, especially in English as a way of practicing the English language in a more creative manner! In case you feel like keeping in contact, please find me here where I promise to post some of my poems sometime soon! Best Regards, Sílvia