• ***absent Friends

    Those eyes that smile wickedly, each time you wink
    That belly laughter that echoes, in rooms you enter
    This side of life has its highs, never of your ilk
    You my friend has the core...new word for cool I hear... more »

  • ***arrogant To The Point Of Ignorance

    When I am arrogant
    To the point of ignorance
    Unearth me
    Unbound me... more »

  • ***be God - Be Silent

    Fear the spoken silence
    For you know nowt
    Why or where the sentiment
    or if indeed, its contented silence.... more »

  • ***complicated…the Picture

    Continuous work in progress....

    Life, Love...Death... more »

  • ***each Time My Beloved

    By daylight I seek you, I call to you
    my impulsive mind sketching: it sketches simply you
    I sense you in smiles, silhouettes, and various places
    By nighttime, I see you, I call you, I find you... more »

  • ***empty Commiserations

    She says she doesn’t, he says he doesn’t
    says he wants freedom yet his mind can’t let go
    She’s not there, now and again she is
    Says she needs romance but he has too much passion... more »

  • ***eye Candy

    My eyes green, smirky laugh, sated empty heart
    You - enchanting, my eye candy, a soft glow
    As you sleep, drawn, I trace god's work of art
    My beloved ass, if you didnt know... more »

  • ***from Whence You Came

    And it was all bright
    For the time, a little time frame
    Springing across the bog, a light
    Mesmerized, lost in time... more »

  • ***he’s Not Over Her Yet

    He’s searching again, for love, a passionate dance
    When his feet find the rhythm, he is instantly lost, unmet
    He longs for a past he shared, devotedly once
    With a girl in whose eyes blew hues of sunset... more »

  • ***horse Draws Man A Cow

    'Stupid Cow! ' prospective mother in law hissed
    Princess Bride, shimmering 'Old Horse', and giggled
    Banishing each other to their hindly quarters
    Loving Colt today also a dashing groom hoofed, in bridles... more »

  • ***i Thought You Were Sleeping

    I thought you were sleeping
    When I brought you roses in the dark, duty free!
    I remember you breathing softly in your sleep, turning
    Before I got a drink, texting, those nights - just creeping... more »

  • ***in My Lovers Eyes

    Do I see,
    Prism delights
    Violets and azures
    Orange and blue haze... more »

  • ***nowhere I Would Rather Be

    There are places I go to that you haven’t been
    Many people I have known that you haven’t met yet
    Where and with whom I have found it easy to be me
    But there is one place I long to be…somewhere in your heart... more »

  • ***old Man So Young

    Old man so young
    Old tricks, new belt, old bag o’ nails
    New shoes, same feet, now going flat
    To me, a young man, so full of heart... more »

  • ***one Child's Prayer

    I wish my Daddy would live here
    I wish he didn’t have to go away
    I wish if he could only for one day
    Perhaps tell me he loved me at all... more »

  • ***one Don’t Ask…

    One don’t ask…
    To be the hunter…and go hungry
    To be poor…yet extremely generous
    To be rich but unremittingly needy... more »

  • ***sailing Wings

    If I were a ship, on its maiden voyage
    I would invariably face south, only if you were there
    I would float west, whatever climatical weather
    I would turn east, forge or even bear North West... more »

  • ***social Experiment

    I am only here for my good looks…you say?
    Manners and diligence I leave for the rich
    Affluence by numbers, birth or brains - Categorise!... more »

  • ***soldier Thinks He's Not, But He's Hot!

    He thinks he’s not, but he’s hot!
    Deeply clumsy, dartful smiley eyes… a playful child
    The tainted gun, the spilt paint, oh! the tears, the loss
    The pain in his eyes…the story of his life….bloody, wild... more »

  • ***throwing Caution To The Wind

    The score was four out of ten
    But made up the rest up with charm
    And topped it to a seven with manners
    The two taken out for foolishness and dalliance... more »

  • **and Who Said You Cannae?

    How mighty is it to feel
    The weight when you are down
    So you can float, in aboundin will
    From nadir to acme, now a star known... more »

  • **be There

    When your mother walks a mile, your father works all day
    Count the steps she took, weigh the burden on his shoulder
    Learn to gather her pace, when you learn the ropes,
    Be There... more »

  • **beasts Of Glory

    They left their homes, for a better life
    Terrorised new pastures, green and fertile
    They raided the maiden land, reaped its fortunes
    Sent their loot to their motherland... more »

  • **candy Coloured Crosses

    She wore white humming, soothingly
    the little bundle in her arms, another case found in a cot
    a pained whimper, a soft cry, whose beginnings lay crumbling
    a face that grimaced, a smile regardless, wrapped in soft cloth... more »

  • **cold Feet

    Cold, Cold Feet
    You feel: I always get cold feet
    In this, your roomful society
    It’s not through lack of courage, you'll see... more »