• 2 Timothy 1: 7

    What I have
    I Love my Family 'I have a sound mind'
    I Like Luciano Pavarotti
    even though.I don't speak a word of italian 'I have a sound mind'... more »

  • A Woman In Love

    She has
    given a lot of herself
    to please you... more »

  • Absent From The Body Present With The Lord

    ... more »

  • All In One Place

    All in one place
    waiting eyes
    hurt, pain... more »

  • All Is Well

    It happened so
    so smooth that it shocked me
    'all is well'... more »

  • All Is Well

    well is all.
    IS all well.

    All is well when things don't turn out the way we expect them too
    Well is all when they do and we smile... more »

  • Alternative

    tear tar rate live... more »

  • Ancient Of Days

    The Greatness of The Ancient of days.

    Your Majesty
    Your Majesty... more »

  • April 10,2003

    I bind the spirit of slowfulness and
    fear, doubt, April 10,2003

    I Loose the spirit of obedience April 10,2003... more »

  • Are So You Thought...

    The truth is you did shake the world that I'd became use to.

    were you hoping I'd go over the edge? that the world that I was sharing with you would end my peace of mind would leave me?... more »

  • 'Because You Are Chosen'

    Some folk will turn up their noses at you and look at you funny

    'Because YOU ARE CHOSEN'... more »

  • Comparing

    ... more »

  • Continued Journey

    This is only the start of
    my continued journey,
    despite the heart breaks, the test and the trails... more »

  • Current Healing

    So my mind and heart are in the process of healing
    I wonder if they are interchangeable? 'the current healing'

    The healing of Sylvia Loven Carter... more »

  • Devilish Deceiver

    ... more »

  • Dh Poem Cont.....................

    It is your home I don't pay bills?
    Do you have to take my pride is this the way
    you want me to go. God know I would not do
    you like that. But I learned that early in life... more »

  • Do You?

    Do you get me?
    okay how about now?
    do you?... more »

  • Encapsulates

    It's Limitless
    It's Amazing
    it is Timeless... more »

  • Evinces

    anyone searching for the truth

    evince, to make plain; make clear... more »

  • From Me To You

    Hi Honey,
    why are you up this time of morning? 2: 33am
    I'm so Happy that our Heavenly Father is getting us
    Prepared for each other, this time around will be the for... more »

  • Happy Arrival Date To You

    So you won the fight to be born, I congratulate YOU it so happens I won as well I hope your journey hasn't been to rough to handle.

    Happy Arrival Date To YOU!... more »

  • Happy Being You

    I see ya baby,
    Being who YOU are............HAPPY being you

    Standing in the clouds....HAPPY being you... more »

  • He

    The men I've seen on public transportation back in the day...
    He has beautiful skin he's searching for something from any woman..
    you can see he's a that Man takes care of himself and willing to go to a job everyday. Right now any woman's attention he can get he'll take he's searching... more »

  • He Doesn'T

    Try and understand he says that he doesn't

    It's the same game different century and players/play... more »

  • He Loves Me

    I Know a man who LOVES me,
    although he hide himself from me from time to time
    I know for a fact that YOU LOVE me, and offer to me you're everlasting LOVE, Kindness and Mercy which endures forever. I know a man who Loves me,... more »