God healed me from 2 aneurysms and two small strokes in 1999 I had to learn to walk & talk again. I'm a redeemed child of God whose given birth to 1 son who is 32 years young, I was a preachers for wife for 4 years. grandmother of 4 beautiful little girls I enjoy writing poetry/lyrics Praise God I now have 5 grand-sugars the last one is handsome little boy named Adam Sean Carter born 6/5/2014


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When I'M Gone............

I'm gone what will u know are ask about me?
do you suppose you'll experience anything, something i never have?
or perhaps do something I never did?
will u look at my pictures and think oh she was so beautiful or no?... more »

He Loves Me

I Know a man who LOVES me,
although he hide himself from me from time to time
I know for a fact that YOU LOVE me, and offer to me you're everlasting LOVE, Kindness and Mercy which endures forever. I know a man who Loves me,... more »

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