• Chocolate

    the scent,
    of the flaming sweetness.

    She burns from within... more »

  • Dead Snow

    Standing by the dim lamp post,
    Heaven's Tears fall upon me.
    Snowflakes and glitter dancing,
    Flighted by the harsh wind.... more »

  • Dove

    With wings of white love,
    and eyes of pure beauty,
    she soars into the infinite sky,
    and sees all from above.... more »

  • Father

    Wake up to find,
    broken bones on barren earth,
    face and hands saturated
    with this unfamiliar dirt.... more »

  • Four

    Is the potato chip in my hand,
    Is the tear that slides down my check,
    Is the frustration ringing in my throat.... more »

  • Freedom

    Whilst your soul dances,
    beneath the cradle of heaven's stars,
    the tall grass gently caresses
    your ankles.... more »

  • Gone

    She was swirling, drowning,
    Lost in the light,
    She was flying, soaring,
    Sinking in the wind... more »

  • Hatred

    It's not just the result,
    of the greed of humans.
    It's not just the pain,
    caused by the suffering.... more »

  • Home

    The grass is greener on the other side,
    That's always what they say.

    Pixie dust on flower gardens,... more »

  • Just So Tired


    We do what we do everyday,... more »

  • Limit

    Listen to those whispers,
    Signs of tortures,
    Tears of helplessness,
    Cries for help.... more »

  • Love

    the simpliest form of emotion
    that complicates your world.
    you never forget that
    feeling... more »

  • Manipulated Puppet

    In her eyes,
    the reflection of the world,
    the innocence of a child,
    the seed of beauty.... more »

  • Melody Of Memories


    how we used to go to that lake?
    The one that was so crystal clear,... more »

  • Once More

    For one more day,
    To share smiles with all of you again,
    To laugh and cry together,
    I'd give up my sky.... more »

  • Relive

    If there was another earth,
    Would you shed light on it?

    Like how God gave us trees,... more »

  • She Could

    Her eyes never reflected the sun's rays,
    her hands could hold onto nothing,
    her chest bore no heart.
    If she could, she would.... more »

  • Silent Tears

    Through these tear-misted eyes,
    This soul seeks light.
    Yet no one is watching,
    You're all alone.... more »

  • Silver Beauty

    She floats in the sky,
    like a feather with no wings
    yet it flies without falling,
    because she knows........ more »

  • Sin

    Heart palpitating
    drowning in cold sweat
    with the joints in your hands
    like rusted hinges.... more »

  • Snowglobe

    Slowly stroll,
    into that tiny city,
    with wooden dolls
    and plastic trees.... more »

  • So Far Away.

    I look around me
    to find nothing
    blackness.... more »

  • To Dream In Reality

    For me,
    To lie on the bed is to lie to myself.
    I'm running, running away.
    Hiding, hiding from reality.... more »

  • Unseen

    She gazed up at the sky,
    with her lifeless eyes.
    But that cradle of stars,
    just did not glance back at her... more »