Szabolcs Várady 1943

Várady Szabolcs ( Budapest , 1943 . January 27 ) Kossuth - and József Attila Prize-winning poet, translator and editor.

January 27, 1943, was born in Budapest. Attila József Grammar School, graduated in 1961, then was a Nonfiction Book Publishers corrector in 1961-65. In 1969, Hungarian language and literature gained a teaching diploma at the Eötvös Loránd University of Budapest, Faculty of Arts, until the end of 2005 he worked from 1969 to mainly foreign literature publishing Europe Book Publishing, 1971 as manuscript preparation, then as managing editor from 2002 as editor in chief. In addition, since 1989 by the Stockholm, has edited a new literary magazine start-up spirit of the regime and become quickly tekintélyessé verse boxes, and last year the newspaper in 2014 he was the editor in chief is in charge. He wrote a study, criticism and numerous stage productions with deposits and operalibrettót ( Vajda János : Leonce and Lena , 1999, Karnyóné , 2007, Don and Don Cristóbal Perlimplín , 2013). Two slim volumes of poetry after 2003, the sixtieth birthday page 566, the hidden exit titled gathered "serious" poems, best versfordításait, prose writings (critiques, studies, poetry analyzes, memoirs, etc.) And humorous, casual "light" poems. (He edited and partly wrote the first Hungarian limerick -Anthologies.)



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