Born and raised in the Seattle area, I've been writing since the dawn of forever-short stories, song lyrics, poetry, novels, everything. This Winter I even produced and directed and full length play that I wrote when I was a sophomore. Now a senior I still adore poetry, but I'm focusing more on art. I've had a painting in a public museum in Seattle [The Frye], I've sold two drawings for over $100, and numerous ones under that price, I've had pieces in gallery shows and displays, I've also been an actress for a few years now [at the highschool level, nothing too impressive] and I recieved the Drama Award at my highschool for 2006-2007.

Now I'm hoping to become a tattoo artist and create works that will be permanently with someone for, most likely, ever.


T.C. Nyxx Poems

Never Here Til' You'Re Gone

Flirting comes with courtships grace,
But I try to speak and maintain my guard,
Only around you I fall flat on my face,
I can only hope to not land too hard,... more »

Something Real

I’m telling you to try,
I’m begging you to feel,
Because I know what I am,
And I know what I’m not,... more »


If there’s anything that I can do,
If there’s anything that I can say,
Tell me what it is,
And I’ll be on my way,... more »

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