• Benign Time (How Life Ought To Be)

    lets go back in time back when time was more benign
    walk down the road an unsettled path
    too cold for snow too lonely for wrath
    take out a weapon but it feels wrong... more »

  • Fighting Knowledge

    once upon a glorious night
    there was a challenger who wished to fight
    he took off his jacket and showed his beefy arms
    to who'm he'd challenge he had no regard... more »

  • Impossible Posabilities

    it all started over a year ago
    it lasted so long didn't want you to go
    you had my heart you had my soul
    in the end i couldn't let you know... more »

  • Looking Out These Windows

    looking out these windows life is getting cold
    looking out these windows years tuning me old
    looking out these windows snow begins to fall
    looking out these windows my child begins to crawl... more »