• A Street In A City

    Men. Raping grown babies
    Using ladies as mistresses.
    Tumbling dice
    Cups filled to the brim... more »

  • A Woman's Worth

    I love my country
    And her
    I'll go to war for her
    And her - no doubt... more »

  • February's Intro

    It’s half of the shortest chosen disciple
    Where every human is a vegetarian
    Black is remembered not as neutral but color
    And around the birth dates of two Oyonmis... more »

  • Lost Leadership

    They must go; let them go
    Is what he hungers for
    And thirsts for
    Differs though... more »

  • Make A Difference

    Let’s launch a rocket
    And make the good things reign
    Hope it won’t rain
    On that day, we’ll be present... more »

  • Man's Plea To Sky

    The sky just woke up
    It must have been a long sleep
    Little wonder it stretches and weeps
    Why the cry?... more »

  • My 072908's Worry

    My 072908's worry…
    is like that of a man
    whose wife is nine month pregnant
    and now in the labor room... more »

  • Poetry Controversy

    Good, in between and bad
    How good, in between and bad do you want it?
    You are you as I am me
    Let me do my work while you applaud... more »

  • The Player

    Seconds before the cock crows
    He's ready.
    Ready and armed
    Armoured, you might say... more »

  • War

    Women share and promote success
    And children bring joy
    The grass is green
    Now reversed, it's war... more »