• Ashes Of Time

    Scattered to the wind~
    Pieces of you.... more »

  • Baby Angel

    Baby Angel,

    To be born into this world
    Only to be taken from it.... more »

  • Core Fusion

    One breath.
    One thought.... more »

  • Dearest Amy

    With every day that passes,
    You have always been in my mind... more »

  • Divided Loyalties

    When placed between two loyalties
    And a choice needs to be made
    Reason and logic disappear
    And simplicity starts to fade.... more »

  • Fallen Hero

    I wanted to save you,
    And in all my heroism, I had not wisdom... more »

  • Finality

    I don’t know
    How I lost you.
    Yet one thing remains certain;
    You are gone.... more »

  • Foreign

    I was born here.
    But I do not belong.... more »

  • Forgiven By Promise

    Even when it seemed I hated you
    The world proved me wrong
    For your presence was always there
    Around me, within me.... more »

  • Freedomland

    Years of ignorance
    Moments of denial
    Have led to this retribution
    Hoping this is the last mile.... more »

  • Hell On Earth

    You have taken from all of us.
    Your treachery has infiltrated our hearts,... more »

  • I Wanted To Believe

    I Wanted To Believe.......

    That I truly could trust you
    That it wasn’t you who deceived me-... more »

  • Inconsistent Ramblings Of A Troubled Mind

    It happened a long time ago.

    But it feels like moments.... more »

  • Letter To The Nameless

    Dear ______,

    I lost faith in you.... more »

  • Miss You

    Its been six long years
    But I feel you as if you were yesterday
    Despite your flaws;
    Your inabilty to love-... more »

  • One Evening.....

    One evening late at night
    As the world slept
    A soft cry could be heard.
    At first, just a whisper... more »

  • Reminder

    I hope you enjoyed it-
    All of it.... more »

  • Salvage

    Warmth frosted by cold.
    Comfort swallowed by pain.
    Victory vanished by defeat,
    Love’s illusion through lies.... more »

  • Secrets

    It's amazing what secrets are kept in the mind.
    Tucked away so deep, so far away from existence -
    That you would never even know they were there
    Then it happens. One scent. One word. Maybe even one sound... more »

  • Solace

    As the tears fell from my eyes
    I knew this would be the last time
    I would feel your heart beating with my own.... more »

  • Stolen Time

    Although he is here no longer,
    He will forever live in your heart
    Keeping you safe, making you stronger-
    An unspoken bond that will never part.... more »

  • The 26th Day

    It was cold.
    Empty.... more »

  • The Love Of Hate

    I hate the way you annoy me
    I hate the way you talk
    I hate the way you laugh at me,
    I hate the way you mock... more »

  • The Thin Line

    There is a fine line between...... more »

  • To Sarah - Reborn

    As children we shared innocence
    We knew not what we do now.
    10 years of a battle not settled
    Divide no more, we will not allow.... more »