• Touch Of Hand

    Nothing special about it, nothing new.
    As the minutes passed, the routine continued.
    It was only when you touched my hand -... more »

  • Tullagh Bay

    I remember the times I stood on this beach
    With nothing but ocean for miles.
    The warmth of the sunlight captured my heart
    And made conviction with my smile.... more »

  • Untitled

    Im tired of the assumptions

    The blame, the game, the lies... more »

  • Untitled Ii

    Why did I think you were any different?
    For it was painstakingly clear
    That your heartless intentions
    Have been anything but dear.... more »

  • Untitled Iv

    I was so lost.
    Stumbling through the dark-
    Cold, silent and still
    Everything turned to ash.... more »

  • Untitled V

    stop of heart
    touch of hand;
    air of silence,
    grain of sand.... more »

  • When You.....

    Learn to factor in betrayal and deceptions,... more »

  • Where Do I Go From Here?

    It was that one night of being with

    That now leaves too many nights being without.... more »

  • You

    So still.
    At peace.
    Calm, serene-
    Yet senses on fire.... more »