• Crossroad

    Standing at this crossroad once again.
    There's four directions to lead me in.
    I stand there in disarray, I don't know which road to take.
    Confused to say the least, spiraling in defeat.... more »

  • Every Part Of Me

    I waited from sunrise to sunset, with tears of pain.
    An ocean of regret to drown me in were not over yet.
    You made loving you so easy, everything to please me.
    Now you want to walk out and leave me without a word.... more »

  • Everytime

    As I watch the tide move in and out.
    I shread all my worries, all my doubts.
    I listen to the waves crash upon shore.
    I hear your heart beat once more.... more »

  • Goodbye

    Standing in the warm summer rain.
    My heart is burning up with pain.
    As I watch you drive away.
    You're taillights fade in the night.... more »

  • Old Photograph

    A dusty photograph of days come and gone.
    I cried a little too hard, a little too long.
    My heart has holes of emptiness and sorrow.
    You won't be with us come tommorrow's light.... more »

  • Out Of The Blue

    Under the ocean floor, so deep and blue.
    I hide my deepest feelings for you.
    On the shoreline above the sand.
    Me and you are just the same; only friends.... more »

  • Pieces Of My Heart

    In the distance of the darkened night.
    On the sandy shoreline, moon so bright.
    You're shadow next to mine; us holding hands.
    Pieces of my heart; laying in the sand.... more »

  • Taken

    He holds her in his arms, her body so small.
    As he witnessed her last breath, his first tear falls.
    On her cheek so blue, he covers up the bruise.
    In the stranged street, unable to even speak.... more »

  • The Angel For Me

    Sunny days and rainy nights.
    Your the angel by my side.
    I'm safe in your arms.
    When your holding me tight.... more »

  • The End Of The Road

    The moon is distant from the sea.
    As is the love you have for me.
    We keep moving back and fourth.
    Like shifting through the sand.... more »

  • The First Time

    Holding you for the first time.
    Has opened the eyes to see.
    That you brought the life.
    Back into me, the first time.... more »

  • Through The Rain

    You left me with a broken heart.
    For the last time, I say.
    It's what's been on my mind.
    Can't turn back the time.... more »

  • Within Me

    Standing in front of the mirror.
    The reflection that I see.
    Isn't the person within me?
    I can be so much better.... more »