• A Walk With God

    I found God among the silence of a long afternoon.

    He was sitting in the sunshine and humming a little tune.... more »

  • A Young Childs Wish

    I wrote this for a prose and poetry presentation I preformed. All the misspellings are not done in error it was meant to paint a picture of just how a five year old would speak.

    Star light, Star bright,
    First star I see tonight.... more »

  • Anxiety Of The Good Girl

    They say I am sweet,
    But what they say is nothing new.
    See me.
    Read the things I’d never say... more »

  • Birthdays Are For Mothers

    Another year is ending
    And for every year that I grow
    I realize your presences
    Is missed more then you know.... more »

  • Can I Reach Your Heart

    I dedicate this poem to my mother, Irma Lopez. Thanks for being proud!

    Feel the tears I'm shedding.
    See the miles apart.... more »

  • Captive

    I found this sample of my high school writing among some of my old belongings. Thought that I would share.... more »

  • Construction Kisses

    Lips like concrete
    Rough and uneven on a plump and luscious plain
    Bid entrance into the warm concrete mixer inside
    Asphalt brush... more »

  • Critique On Love

    In responce to Cory Mcknight's 'Four Letter Word'

    Love knows no secrets.
    It sees inside your heart.... more »

  • Distance Of Doubt

    Gaps and Canyons breach abound

    Spitting syllables, but not making a sound.... more »

  • Eyes Of Green Marble

    Stone cold angel
    Guiding light me with the presence of your face
    Me when I am too far to hold dear... more »

  • Fickle Love

    What a tattered beaten fray you are
    My dear so close and yet so far.
    What cloak of blind self confidence?
    What manner? What pretence?... more »

  • For He's The One I Search The Night

    For he’s the one I search the night -
    The one my passions hold.
    The one to silence sighs of scorn -
    The one that keeps me bold.... more »

  • Free Falling

    Hope was hanging on a string.
    All my love just dangling.
    My last wish for us to be-
    What would make us both happy.... more »

  • From The Confines Of My Sleepy Mind

    The sky will cry the saddest tears
    Is there no way to repent
    And hide all my inequities?
    They are mine here... more »

  • Gentleman Of My Dreams

    I dream sometimes of this man that I seem to always know in my dreams. The odd thing is that when I look back at my dreams I can remember nearly every detail about the dream except his face. In the dreams we always seem to pick up where my Life seems to be. Odder still, is that I have no knowledge of who the gentlemen is that keeps starring in my dreams or even if he is a real person, but I find myself looking forward to seeing him again.

    You visit me in silence,
    When we are both asleep.... more »

  • Gilded Cage A Mind At Ease

    A clear mind and a level head leave little room for solace
    In the mind of an artist whose brush has not touched canvas,
    The smooth caress of a Love no one can understand,
    In over a fortnight.... more »

  • Glass Angel

    I wrote this poem shortly after my mother's death. It was the holiday season and that Christmas I had gotten her a glass angel wrapped in a beautiful white coat. She never got a chance to see the angel.

    Deep blue eyes
    I realize... more »

  • He Can Only Hold Her

    Loneliness brushes the swell of her lips
    But he can only hold her
    Reaching for something gone and amiss
    Absence himself adores her... more »

  • How Do I Loath Thee

    How do I loath thee? Let me count the ways.
    I loath thee to the breadth and height
    My soul can reach, while feeling the insight
    Of the end of the begining of my menstural cycle!... more »

  • How Much For Your Time (I Understand)

    How much for you time?
    I understand that you’re busy.
    I understand that you’re broke
    I understand they are your friends.... more »

  • I Can'T Sleep

    Tiny wispers in my head.
    Keep me awake from going to bed.
    Keep me from crying.
    It's keeping still.... more »

  • I Need More

    The below piece was written for a friend of mine. She was looking for the perfect song lyrics to say what she wanted, but we were not able to find anything exact.... more »

  • I Remember How To Smile

    I wrote this poem when I found that I had grown apart from a childhood friend. I wanted to get the point across that even despite the fact that neither of us wanted it to happen, change is inevitable, but memories are yours to keep.

    I'm sitting here
    Barely breathing, but... more »

  • I Speak To Dark

    My dark and decrepit friend
    Shall I sing you a lullaby of New Hope?
    Your tattered dreams –
    Have taken a beating by unkind hearts.... more »

  • I Will Not Be Broken

    I am not glass.
    When you tell me that you don’t want me
    “Like that”
    I will not be broken.... more »