• Ice Queen

    To those I hurt.

    Scribble, scrabble of my dreams.
    Every word's not what it seems.... more »

  • In My Eyes

    In my eyes you are a man trying to better himself.
    In my eyes you are so strong.
    In these eyes your imperfections are the workings of God.
    My eyes are not virtuous and they do not see well these days,... more »

  • Instructions To Find Me

    With this poem I really wanted to capture a image of a map to understanding an actual person. For this reason the poem itself and how it is written, gives the illusion of a road map or instructions.

    I wear my face a map to my heart
    And if you... more »

  • Island Prince

    To the 'island princes' of the world.

    Tropical sun shine
    The way I think of you... more »

  • Makeshift Angel

    He should not exist!
    In so many ways his being here defies
    Absolutely Everything!
    And my cosmetic makeup should not draw him closer....... more »

  • Melodic Serenity

    Play me a song to soothe my troubled heart.
    Let the melody consume my worry ridden thoughts.
    May all who hear it find comfort in the soft begotten melody be midst our conflicts
    And know not trouble in the score.... more »

  • Midnight Is Madness

    Echoes in the confines of my soul
    Driving me to my own private madness.
    I fear if someone does not answer soon... more »

  • More

    For you are more then a passing glance
    More then an unreached shore.
    More then happenstance.
    Have your friendship but I want more.... more »

  • Mourning The Night

    For he is the guardian of the night
    And I keep his sun.
    Together –yet apart
    We are always one.... more »

  • My Eternal Hero

    I wrote this for a person who decided he would be best out of my Life. Time has passed and needless to say scars were left. I am still very hurt and want to be angry. I have spun countless stories on why he had to leave me, though in my stories he never does this willingly. I am a whirlwind of emotions.

    You have become a creature of my memories.
    In my head I have killed you a thousand times... more »

  • My Friend Love

    The pain of my mother.
    The respect of my father.
    I take it all with me
    As life pulls me under.... more »

  • My Missing Piece

    Unlike most Love poems this poem was written for my best friend not exactly a Lover. I wanted this poem to paint a picture of a person waking up and being stricken by the realization that their arm/leg/etc. was recently amputated. I didn't want it to be a typical pretty poem because when you lose someone it isn't so. This poem is for AJ. You will be sorely missed my Love.

    I like a man who waking in the mid of night still reaching with a flexed arm recently amputated.
    So do I in the mid of day face the sudden remembrance of your absence.... more »

  • New Skin

    My old skin had scars and marks since birth.
    It fit like a snug blanket and gloved my fingers.
    A very wash and go type of being.
    How clearly everything was through the eyeholes.... more »

  • No More Nevers

    The silence deafens my ears till they ring
    Say something. Say joking! Say anything!
    Picking at slashes so they never heal.
    Your lies are to often too familiar to feel.... more »

  • Ode To Anti-Depressants

    Dull multi colored pearls of youth.
    Are you to become me?
    I thought that all the little things made me who I am
    When even my right arm finds me impossible... more »

  • On Ill Spent Youth

    What was once now slips away.
    Tiny pieces of sand
    Through my fingers,
    Unused.... more »

  • Our Gift To God

    A calm wind’s gentle whisper on the dimmest seeming night -
    A smile seeking stranger during an inner winless fight -
    These are the ways my Lord speaks to me when I don’t think there’s a way -
    When my whole Life’s left in peril and I can’t face another day.... more »

  • Pieces Of A Dream

    A morning part. A sheer adieu. I am torn from you again.
    With tingling feeling once adorned severed by evening break.

    Every time I wake from you and am blessed to see your face... more »

  • Shadow Of Doubt: Broken Promises

    I think that there is a point in every person's Life where yo come to he realization that 'pinky promises' can be broken and often are. You come to a hard realization that the world isn't black and white and despite you trying to cling to your childhood idealism, the world isn't fair. For some this comes early....

    You're the beacon of Truth to my midnight Life.
    Lighthouse to my ocean of doubt.... more »

  • Sing To Me

    Sing to me of sweet surprises
    My life with you would bring.
    All the world would have a smile
    If you would only sing.... more »

  • Some Kind Of Beautiful

    Love without a choice.
    I hear it in your voice.
    Hear what you can't see
    What you mean to me.... more »

  • Stone Cold Angel

    Carved from stone by broken hands turned up towards Heaven.
    Born of melted glass once hot with passion now cold and unforgiving.
    Pedi stools are for masterpieces showing the vulnerability that this child does not permit himself.
    God grant me the Love that I need to show him that each stroke,... more »

  • Swallowing Glass And Decorative Ribbons

    Justin, this one's for you....

    When you left me broken and confused
    I swallowed glass.... more »

  • The Challenge Of A Opponent

    Dedicated to a more than worthy adversary.... Cory Mcknight.

    You are my greatest challenge.
    The one of which I fear,... more »

  • The Comforts Of God's Love

    Like smooth summer rain -
    Sunshine on my window pane -
    A cool cup of tea on a working day -
    Watching the sun on colored glass play.... more »