• The Room Where No One Stirs

    I walk in to the room where not a soul stirs.
    It's possessive silence has a way of
    reaching out and grabbing the
    unsuspecting victims of the noisy hall.... more »

  • The True Reason Why

    Dedicated to Arthur Ewell

    Please sit down. Don't get mad,
    But I know that this will hurt.... more »

  • Urban Utopia

    To the inhabitance of The Factory.

    I can loose myself in your movement.
    The freedom you emit is intoxicating... more »

  • What Of That

    Be wary of those that show know fear
    Or weariness when pain is near.

    Who ignore, turn, or look away... more »

  • What You Don'T Know

    I wrote this poem in my early teens, but I remember feeling so horrible for not being able to see my best friend in that light.

    You don't know what I'm feeling now.
    You don't know that I care.... more »

  • Where I Lay My Head

    Where I Lay My Head
    Is somewhere between my feelings for you
    And the whispered nothings I wish I could speak.
    It’s easy there in a sea of sleepless dreams... more »

  • Whimsical Writer's Block

    .I think I'm in like with liking you.
    So much so that even my world of rhyme,
    Though I always believed it to be limitless,
    Falls short of your silent perfection.... more »

  • Winds Of Change

    The Winds of Change are blowing
    In every direction they flow.
    With weary whispers tracing -
    To places you never thought you’d go.... more »

  • Written In The Stars

    I found this poem I wrote back in high school and I thought I would share.... more »

  • Yelling In Silence

    A minute of your time costs you nothing, but means the world to someone

    The reaching of a hand.
    The absence of a touch.... more »