My names Tabitha Hoffman and Im just your average 15 y/o girl. I love writing poetry because its one of the best ways to let out all of your emotions. But, as you can tell, Im really that good at it but I dont really care. I just love writing it and thats all that matters. But anyway... Im from a small town in Alabama and most people would think Id hate that but I actually like it. I know almost everyone here and its just nice. I love hanging out with my friends on weekends and doing stupid stuff and just being a teenager. And music is my life. Without is I would die. And thats all there. Not very interesting I know but whatever... thats my biography. =)


Tabitha Hoffman Poems


Should I forget you
And just move on?
Should I forget all the memories,
The laughs we shared, our song?... more »


My world is crashing down all around me
And I dont know how to get out
Its all tumbling down around me
But noones offers to help me out.... more »

Never Be Mine

I dont know if what you say is really real,
Dont know if what you say is true.
I dont know if this is really real,
I dont want to think about losing you.... more »

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