• Disguise

    My world is crashing down all around me
    And I dont know how to get out
    Its all tumbling down around me
    But noones offers to help me out.... more »

  • Feelings

    Confusion, Betrayal,
    Thats all you ever give me.
    Confusion, Betrayal,
    Thats all I ever feel.... more »

  • Goodbye

    You broke my heart
    And told me nothing but lies
    Left me all alone
    To sit and cry.... more »

  • Impossible

    Should I forget you
    And just move on?
    Should I forget all the memories,
    The laughs we shared, our song?... more »

  • Loneliness

    Loneliness is a shadow
    That haunts my every dream
    Each and every night
    Constantly saying to me:... more »

  • My Life

    Locked in a cage
    Never to be free
    Forced to see things
    That should never been seen... more »

  • Never Be Mine

    I dont know if what you say is really real,
    Dont know if what you say is true.
    I dont know if this is really real,
    I dont want to think about losing you.... more »

  • Too Good To Be True

    Ive told you how I felt
    In a note not too long ago
    On that piece of paper
    So my love for you would be known... more »