• 1945

    Was it, or was it not,
    a rainy day, when I met you?
    Everything was so fast, so quick,
    so much I didn't notice, but you.... more »

  • A Girl

    While she was standing alone
    with bare feet in this harsh and cold
    'Roses, Roses, enlighten your heart'
    she used to shout selling out her gold... more »

  • A Lament To A Hazelnut Tree

    O Hazelnut tree come and listen
    testify by thy roots above me
    here lies my heart where it is hidden
    dusted by the dust and gloomy... more »

  • Adages Of Agdalán

    Between the eyes they were
    settled the curvatures of time
    And in the vibrant hand there
    lies the diary of the old chime... more »

  • After Dawn

    Few minutes after dawn,
    and the glory of light rising on,
    up there in the velvet sky.
    And life begins in a rapid way,... more »

  • After You

    Let the sorrow nest upon this heart
    Let the sad moments take this tired mind
    How horrible it is to be in senseless doubt
    That can come to me from the hind... more »

  • Älaká

    Alayhá, shá xeel maqzariþ E-Adamoon ashkal älaká
    Anat baroot him vi-Anat tida? da? him vi-him älaká... more »

  • Amazing (To All The Handicapped...)

    such luster in the eyes,
    when Heavens reveals it,
    in a graceful gesture.... more »

  • Anas

    According to the legends of present times
    No man did ever have such rhymes
    Alive or dead his life would make a palace
    Say Salam passer by to the soul of Anas... more »

  • Andre

    According to the legends, of days so old
    there was a hero, of might and ego

    His name was Andre the handsome lad... more »

  • Ask

    Ask the sands about my sorrow
    yes I am who got the broken back
    The heart and its burdens follow
    the love stories that will never get back... more »

  • Asperger's Eyes

    The sun, and the moon,
    the day and the night,
    I do get it all, but I,
    I just don't understand.... more »

  • Auschwitz

    By the coldness of the snows
    that doesn't stop blowing
    Stood there a group of fellows
    they said they're mourning... more »

  • Avenue 51

    Often the boys so hardy,
    try to forget the adulthood a while
    Thus they go naughty,
    and with games they take a trial... more »

  • Aya Jafar

    Aya Jafar, what did you do
    you have splitted this heart
    and the mourning will continue
    until this body for this life part... more »

  • Ba-Mut E-Mik`annazar

    And there did I meet her
    over, upon the glen of purple hue
    It was but one time and forever
    full of smiles and looks in the blue... more »

  • Be Animal

    Just imagine...

    Just imagine,
    endless green,... more »

  • Came The Breezing

    came the breezing
    and went with no goodbye
    and in its long way
    sat my soul on the side by... more »

  • Can'T Get Up

    in the darkness calling back
    the strips of memory that are fading
    my eyes full of tears, seem black
    and my heart you kept awaiting... more »

  • Catastrophe

    come hearts so joyful, listen to me in careful
    in this life be faithful, don't waste a tear
    for bothers of matters, never end nor alter
    series of hammers, so quit the fear... more »

  • Chamomile

    Yet, my thoughts are racing still
    through this mind and its hill
    About the things that passed afore
    about philosophy with its core... more »

  • Child Of Innocence

    It was but a glance of hope
    that I saw in her eyes
    About winds on the meadows
    and birds in the heights... more »

  • Clutching Ghetto

    Rushful streets, never calm
    and hideous heat, merciless sun

    Who looks around, who got the time?... more »

  • Danah

    Deserts around me
    Alone standing I
    Northern winds came not to aid me
    Alone no one on the side of my... more »

  • Dim

    dim lights, dim street
    and dim hearts walk along
    deaf ears, deaf walls
    and a world of not a song... more »