• Just When

    when it crushes down
    and rains heavily of dooms
    when your head becomes target
    and can't escape the glooms... more »

  • Kanoon

    And the strings played the harmony
    over the wooden chest of Kanoon
    And let the dancing harem be merry
    no prayers at sunset nor at noon... more »

  • King Of Chairs (To All Bureaucrat) .

    Raise and bow,
    hail and show,
    the respect and the cheers.
    There he stands,... more »

  • Knocknacarra

    And the jewels of the crown banished the luster
    While golden hue turned pale with strokes of silver
    And rubies raised a hand in salute asunder
    For queen of fairies, in charming Knocknacarra... more »

  • Lady Of Brokenstein

    Collect thy bones
    O Lady of Brokenstein
    Though thy heart as I know
    Indeed imprisoned by a mine... more »

  • Lament For The Old Days

    Where are the men
    of height and core
    The heroes that were
    mentioned in the lore... more »

  • Lebanon

    If you are chasing the wind
    away from bearing life and its load
    shall I tell you where to wind
    away from this heavy world... more »

  • Lebanon Ii

    and thus my tears will follow
    every barrier and every wall
    that holds its wreckage beside this heart... more »

  • Lebanon Iv

    Yes, like a glancing star above me
    I see and watch the glory of heavens
    when they meet the earth with a smile
    Indeed, it never had come to me... more »

  • Lebanon Ix

    Sing and praise yet and wait
    the manna is coming from that way
    Here where men challenged their fate
    and for the iron had made a sway... more »

  • Lebanon V

    Flying here and flying there
    bubbling words I hardly understand
    And when you ask what is unfair?
    they say barbarians are crying in grand!... more »

  • Lebanon Vi

    Qana, O remember, Qana
    smell the pure blood flowing
    Do you hear it Condoleezza?
    It's Qana, the heaven of heaven... more »

  • Lebanon Vii

    two is equal to seven hundreds
    smile O world of agony and laugh
    a new math arrives over the lands
    here is a new meaning for the staff... more »

  • Lebanon Viii

    The damned they call it
    Oh yes the damned
    where my heroes stand
    with yellowish flag never lowered... more »

  • Lebanon X

    Here we are, among the marching fellows
    the stars of heavens and the greenish meadows
    those of golden flags high in the wind blows
    these are the men of the lead... more »

  • Left Community

    they say you broke the law
    they said you were against God
    no place for the lefties
    no place for the different road... more »

  • Let Be

    Let there be light,
    in the zenith of your excellence,
    in above the horizon of the galloping passion.
    Let there be sight,... more »

  • Let Go The Passion

    memories come and go,
    my rocking chair work out the flow.
    Sweet fire keep the cold heart warm,
    away from blurry past and the storm.... more »

  • Little Flirt

    Let roses up to the heaven shine
    I bet none of them can be like mine... more »

  • Lynn

    Come, O heir of the pride in fame
    upon the knee sit and let me go
    Over thy Celtic looks and name
    over thy ornate smile and bandeu... more »

  • Machiavelli

    O Prince of a so-called deceit
    withered are your days of old
    but your heart keeps up the beat... more »

  • Mama

    when my cheeks are full
    of the valleys made by the tear
    and when my eyes are just gone
    after my dreams that are not near... more »

  • Mother Hugs Daughter

    Thus, In those sparkling eyes it was
    where I met the smile so adamantly
    By the hug and by the soft braid
    here goes my heart with them soothly... more »

  • Mr Honig

    Unfortunately, amid the heaven and earth
    there are still people blinded by the spell
    But what it has to do with me by the fact
    if it is not for defense, I am not allowed to kill... more »

  • My Baby

    If only you could see her eyes
    this child of innocent dreams
    Her tears would just melt you down
    when they go on her cheeks as streams... more »