• Again

    Every night I must give up to
    the next day
    Grow tired, retreat and fade away
    My heart calling out for more time... more »

  • Bob's On 49th

    Lobster woman was there
    At the bus stop just like before
    I'll take the heat for speaking
    Too late, for her to have heard... more »

  • Broken Down

    Out of my mind
    Dug her up again
    Her shiny coat
    Pulled tight... more »

  • Catcher

    There is always
    A young woman on the bus
    She always tells a joke in swedish
    To her spanish girlfriend... more »

  • Coffee Can On A Cliff

    There's a coffee can on a cliff
    Like a shoeshine cup it sits

    One minute... more »

  • End Count

    Silent bell and silent sun
    Space enough between us
    Now as then
    Attached to spiny beliefs sharper at each start... more »

  • Far Ponds

    Far from the feast of nine delights
    From full ponds lillied in shimmering light
    And boastful gods in vineyard white
    We whisper approaching dawn... more »

  • Fixing Insanity

    There I was hammering nails again
    into the highway
    When Marge walked up from behind
    'Hey benchworm...making a fort, eh? '... more »

  • From Tethys Late Groom

    Beyond my upper deck
    Before the open bay
    Large houses line wide canals
    Persistent molars of a near edentulous jaw... more »

  • Good Godzilla

    I wish all day
    That I was small
    I turn to fast
    And things just fall, away... more »

  • Higher Than The Wind

    Faeries lie
    And tell mortals
    They care not
    For it, yet... more »

  • Ice Water

    Here on the surface of the sun
    Its hard to remember what you were concerned over
    Ten thousand degrees or more
    Inside hosts of hot-house cooks abound... more »

  • Jupiter Away May

    It is not
    That there is not
    Enough space... more »

  • Last Friend Of Chryses

    When you die
    The world dies with you
    So do not die today
    For we wish to live... more »

  • Long Time

    Noon can sometimes feel
    dreamy midnight like

    Underwater... more »

  • Ludus Elysium

    Of another sunset, at pompa of Ludi Circenses
    Of envious heat, between the Flavian torches

    Of emptied chariots on the quickly raked field... more »

  • Middle Sea

    Intimate details escape my memory
    So at meetings I invent in-between bits for effect
    Confabulation I suspect the living beneath my feet
    Whenever a storm arises, there always... more »

  • Midway

    preferring not to read between the lines
    but rather to witness the carnage, the visage
    face to face
    on the fast rollercoaster... more »

  • Network For Boomer

    Baby they'll see me
    Baby they'll feel me
    Spin fire... more »

  • Not This Day

    Where ever she has gone
    Is there a thought of me
    As she looks up, or down
    From my palm the old stone... more »

  • Onion

    How fair you my sweet onion
    Layered, full of spite but mine
    How this day without you in past
    Regarded flames... more »

  • Pedestrian Need

    I need concrete with sharp corners
    Green waves crashing onto rocks
    Brisk air and salty stares... more »

  • Peppermint Hint

    In the gauze of the dead lies a sweet
    Grubby hands loom 'round the detritus heap
    While eyes blink away some floating rot
    Quick glances miss the igniting heart... more »

  • Princess (Haiku)

    Opens a bloom near my reach
    Untouched yet the heat... more »

  • Rain Front

    Off the routine wooden porch here
    Rooted along the front of this place
    Breadcrumbs and troubles stream away
    Rain marches down, steady taps, tapping over... more »