• Remotes, Chupacabras And Karl Marx

    Later on, my childhood friend Karl Marx
    Was a big success playing in a rock band
    Together we listened to smuggled Tull, as kids
    He and his science friend introduced me to The Beatles... more »

  • Slow Motion

    Purchase, without it you fall
    From the rock from the ledge wall
    Loose on the sea of light you hang on
    Then like a great seabird you stretch... more »

  • Sour Lime

    Where, if now, brown cow
    To see of me and be of me
    To trade me at the days end
    When after little work lay thousands... more »

  • Strata Bound

    All heed the dusky dankness
    Folly dancing, saltdome glancing
    Swirling moat of nasty mire
    Sets the sun, its molten run... more »

  • Sway Moon

    Full moon jags
    Round this little town
    Swinging low and deep
    Within without a sound... more »

  • The Long Walk In

    It is again, the line of rulers, emporers
    The long walk of brave little men
    Passing in silence
    As they guide themselves in... more »

  • The Old Dance

    In twilight days of half meals
    We gathered weapons in, anger
    Long stilled into vaporous ether
    Whisked away unseen, a constant... more »

  • The Sand Of The Moon And The Button

    Who is it now that desires the Moon
    our seaborne legs in frenzied flight
    amid royal swells of late afternoon
    deadlights shut with woodchipped oars... more »

  • Third Watch

    Had all things become
    Covered in this sticky red mud
    Dark gruel clinging to every axle
    Hanging from bowclips and cartboards and saddlestraps... more »

  • Tubs At The Zenith

    Searchlight blinks
    Year after year
    No ship sunk or saved... more »

  • Unlover Letters (Part 1)

    I've been to the river
    Lieutenant Picker and me
    Seeking wisdom
    Short among tall pastels... more »

  • Unlover Summer (Part 2)

    Honey hot air of the State Fair
    Drunk on nectar wind, Apis mellifera
    Pregnant with pollen and dulled instinct
    Maneuvering undulations of the generous orgy... more »

  • Your Next

    What stays
    is your money
    What plays
    is originality... more »