• ~ I Am Blues ~

    you row in an escape
    in a sense resent me
    gasping I left with no clothing
    you watch me nakedly... more »

  • A Dark Night

    I've a dark night
    from yesterday I madly wreck
    my internal works
    overturn the pillow... more »

  • A Lesson With God's Nature

    What does God mean to me
    He is more than a friend
    for He troubled with me
    I am not that faithful nor He would have left me... more »

  • A List

    a flower
    a pot
    a moment
    a thought... more »

  • A Maniac Lesson

    I hold out
    hoping for your hand
    I would trade a thought
    for any number of times... more »

  • A Tree To Me

    ... more »

  • A Wheel

    My clouds upon
    in this wheel
    I feel free
    from a sharp wonder... more »

  • Atlas

    This I ponder, sit, fish and mood
    my better aquaintence with time
    across this universe I travel
    not with much in time I ravel... more »

  • Audience

    my chair from my chair
    i write to you
    me leaving for seconds
    you my picture... more »

  • Birth Of A Flower

    a sunshine flower needs to exist
    many roads traveled
    the hardness of rock
    shaped differently... more »

  • Blank

    I am slowly dying
    I rather be alone
    my fantasies ran out
    I am left with no hands... more »

  • Bread

    is my dust that trails
    this lacking earth
    yellow... more »

  • Breaks

    i hope upon a sparkling mist
    bridge at dew point north
    unlike me i cast
    is as if a shield... more »

  • Brilliant Eyes

    i cannot muster suddenly
    i cause breaks
    enough to speak
    shoulder blocks... more »

  • Carelessly

    the lady fell in step
    a fellow blindly asks
    children dance in the rain
    we are in a position... more »

  • Celebrate

    seeing the sky
    I ask why
    sky with its wonder
    cannot name you... more »

  • Chalk Of Tears

    you can cause me to speak
    what words would you have without me
    when the bird sails whispering to the sky
    hide and seek among the trees... more »

  • Choice Daylight

    we drawn on a smile
    a lake in drift with bliss
    the preceding stormy
    mountain road- steams... more »

  • Cigarette And The Guitar

    The guitar and cigarette burn melodically
    I sit in the lounge hoping to train myself
    No sitting in the lounge before the show starts
    under my breath a few sad whispers... more »

  • Cinder

    The cinder pots chide
    in day among the sprouts
    I hide
    you an amazing sparkle... more »

  • Cloud Nine

    the day fills more often than I have seen
    my life is with the clouds
    romantically pitched into a dream
    I rise the more with fitted interest... more »

  • Comply

    The dust blindly
    a fine hair
    out of place
    my hunger rolled... more »

  • Content

    I love to be loved
    I sit nervous
    left with crackling thumbs
    my fingers work... more »

  • Cool Chatter

    thoughts spring and delay
    in fountains pure train
    glistens like wet clay
    caption off with punctuation... more »

  • Dark

    The sea upon me
    people see this wash on me
    wishing I crept into light
    this grief shades not this... more »