• Day

    day comes bright
    day comes blue
    day came gray
    a day spot on you... more »

  • Doused Rain

    this vivid day
    spare me take my hand
    miles of many smiles
    I am across seas, broken land... more »

  • Dream

    I dream in day
    I dream at night
    my dreams rise and fall
    like the beating of my heart... more »

  • Dry And Hurt

    the desert it seize
    you ring in the desert
    with its sea
    drown a tie... more »

  • Dust Settles

    My ending
    with time; it ran out
    no further than it began
    to give birth... more »

  • Enrich

    we've done
    by the fire light
    not just when
    I handled you a rose... more »

  • Enroll

    err I bumble
    this clad wiser woe
    to or more - a pair
    muck on soul... more »

  • Face

    you are so lovely
    as one counts the moon
    so ahunger am I
    as one with no spoon... more »

  • Flowing Wit

    late evening pockets this way
    cool shells in the bright echoes
    ripples the ends of a shout
    lasting through the night... more »

  • Free

    price a mile
    wood willows by
    concert a flower bed
    a concern to empower... more »

  • God Loves A Rose

    I cry with the trees
    their breeze adopted me
    sadly we both have leaves
    in a garden flow... more »

  • Gone

    neither by which is or know
    it does not seem
    truth has stood here before
    a young heart, or a lion... more »

  • Ha!

    the barely clothes
    my fruitful stage
    color sparkling the center... more »

  • Held

    today i drifted upon
    the summer glare
    on the trees held an expression
    though many times i least... more »

  • Hollow

    a night crawls
    compared to light
    is night slumbering like a~
    yet sprinkling the end of day... more »

  • Human Clay

    This whereby I fly
    I come around
    sometimes I have been so high
    much less settled in... more »

  • I Am Cold

    ... more »

  • I Am Weak, A Whimp Of A Child, Scared And Vulnerable

    Nor a passage of scripture
    written I mark blindly
    the pages seem to reappear
    stab my legs with health... more »

  • I Jealous Over You

    I do my best
    yet you never notice
    me in that I chest
    on color and blue... more »

  • I Love The Brokeness

    I am pleased
    you'd come back to me
    I speak out; name
    love could hurt more... more »

  • I Love Thee

    fresh rain
    love to reflect about
    you for one
    are better than the moon... more »

  • I Surrender

    I love a sad darkness
    no light which covers me
    can reach the depths
    yet still know me... more »

  • Inspire

    ... more »

  • Love

    How could you be so cruel
    Banish this blade tempest
    E’er so slightly over my mirth
    I bow the strength to conquer... more »

  • Love Note And The Necklace

    a necklace in that I handle
    is lace for a pursuing is hung about
    sip in delight in the cup
    we mate on love gather a swoon... more »