• Love At No Sight

    Hardly a day goes by
    Without a dream or thought.
    I lived where she can never tell-
    I lived inside her heart.... more »

  • Ode To Chastity

    One day I pledged myself to come alive,
    And on the nectar of her rose survive.

    She has no eyes, nor has she hair,... more »

  • Ode To Nature

    That day I wondered how the sun
    Could neither set at noon
    Nor leave his tiring work undone
    To lie beside the moon.... more »

  • The Global Rape

    There I was, but there I’ll go again.
    Towards an eastern land I make my way,
    Wherefrom arose the sun-like beauty,
    Wherein the sunshine used to be all day.... more »

  • The King And The Flea


    A small but cunning flea once vowed
    To make the kingdom shout aloud-... more »

  • The Queer Intimacy


    THE HORSE... more »

  • The Tragic Life Of Tragedy


    Address yourself to things that show the truth,
    To things that more mislead than guide the youth.... more »

  • To His Shameless Mistress: Parody

    Come ye mistress! Use your mind!
    To that Andrew don’t be kind!
    Don’t resemble those who say:
    When deluded “Never Mind”... more »