Talem G. W. Biography

Born in the grand state of Michigan, in the United States of America, I have lived quite an eventful life in only 17 years. While I've never held on to too much money, I've lived a simple but comfortable life, surrounded by good friends, and a great imagination. Only a few years ago [from April,2015], I had begun writing down my imagination in the form of poetry and song lyrics; even in a book!

One of the memories I have written about was when I was a younger lad, and my grandfather took me out on the great Lake Michigan. I have never been out on open waters since, but I have always reveled in the idea, and cherished the feeling of freedom I felt that day. I even wrote about these feelings in two of my works: " The Second Sky" , and " The Sea" .

Now, I have continued to place my creativity down on the paper. With the inspiration of greats poets like Arik Fletcher and Jack Prelutsky, and the continued support of my family, friends, and my young lady love, I hope to bring about various, beautiful emotions through my music, art, novels, and especially: my poetry.