• Autumn's Tears

    A cold wind blows
    Another leaf of Autumn falls
    Silent, alone
    It touches the ground... more »

  • Forever

    She walks
    Over grey fields and dark forests
    Where the black birds sing
    and the timid dear roam.... more »

  • Raven Song

    I woke one night, around midnight,
    To voices calling faintly;
    The moon was full, and shinning bright,
    So onward I walked bravely.... more »

  • The Cage I Call Home

    I stare into the sky,
    the vast canvas
    of the gods above;
    I,... more »

  • The Eastern Promise

    I can hear the wind
    as it blows from the East.
    The trees sway
    left and right... more »

  • 雲 Clouds

    ぼくはきく... more »