• Always There

    Have you ever felt the fervour of an evaporating dream?
    Or heard the wail in the night of a sadness still unseen?
    Startled the smashed stained glass in a church once serene?
    Or wondered in all the world what the parallels mean?... more »

  • Analysis

    Twist out the turbulance in a differant line,
    Straighten out your thought and hasten to define
    The reality, the syllable of why we are so wrong,
    What the nature of our nurture is behind every desperate song?... more »

  • Anytime

    I could have left you anytime
    And left a slamming door.
    Instead I took all your lies
    And wound up on your floor.... more »

  • Away With The Dawn

    If only I knew what was happening
    Maybe I could conform
    Maybe I could rise from former ashes... more »

  • Barely

    through ressurections.
    Confused through the art
    of common deception... more »

  • Blame

    I can’t blame the blind
    for never noticing
    as i stand dumb
    silently screaming.... more »

  • Confession

    Six-sided confessional cube stands full of guilt and dark deeds done,
    No window here, no false light from a supposed Holy sun.
    And I sit among the scent of remorse, dishonour and crime
    Walls whisper 'Hail Mary' as the punished receive their time.... more »

  • Eighteen

    So now I'm Eighteen
    What change has there been
    Between now and ten years before?
    Yes I am older... more »

  • Emma's Room

    Six months I stayed in Emma’s room
    And watched her in the mornings weave
    Her long fingers through her fine hair;
    Faded violet, gone from a moment of expression... more »

  • Every Purpose

    A time to kill, I have killed
    I have drenched the rivers dry
    A time to laugh, I laughed first
    To bring me to my time to cry.... more »

  • Feathers

    I walk with secrets, like feathers
    In my wake.
    Flying in obscure conundrum
    evading any hope of being caught.... more »

  • Fleeing/What Will Become Of Me?

    What will become of me?
    The indescribable and hiding, soft footed
    Fool of a shop front mannequin?
    Paint me.... more »

  • Forgive Me

    Forgive me.
    Forgive me for treachery, for crying as you smiled
    Away in a dark box shrinking me, hiding me
    Confide in me your secrets and forgive me for never guessing... more »

  • Idolatry

    I spent lonely, lost days in other men’s arms
    To hear your voice in their broken charms
    Trying on their tone to break you from my mind
    The mystery in yourself that others cannot find.... more »

  • In Honesty

    To attempt to write a poem without knowing the form;
    Is as daunting as Everest;
    Knowing unseen peaks cackle in scorn
    To rain down in howling storm... more »

  • Inpatients

    A glamourcat sits glued to
    Paul O’Grady
    Marilyn’s Monroe curls cheap and red dry strands
    And painted nails on shrivelled,... more »

  • Insanity

    This is insanity, life's lost its spice
    And I'm driving top speed down this highway of ice
    My soul it crying
    My heart it is dying... more »

  • Inscription

    The first time I heard your name,
    I wrote it on a yellow post-it
    In blue biro.... more »

  • Lament Of The Cookies

    We are born through ineloquent and
    Agonising torture.
    Hit and torn, yowling,
    In even your evil, laughing,... more »

  • Marianne

    She ran through the village
    Screaming and shouting
    But nobody heard her
    And nobody cared.... more »

  • Marionette

    A dark marionette with a jaded mask
    Painted in colours that will never last
    Dancing in time with chains on its limbs
    To the song that a caged jaybird sings.... more »

  • Mirage

    Can't you see the mirage
    On the horizon sun-fed glowing?
    Or the beams of burning fire
    In the frost of icy snowing?... more »

  • My Goal

    So you tried to be perfect.
    Well, was it worth it?
    Was it worth the blood and the tears?
    Was it worth the pain... more »

  • My Pound Of Flesh

    I would starve myself to bones
    Just to neglect you
    Bleed myself dry
    To drain you too... more »

  • Neglect

    There is an overflowing ashtray
    Sulking on my windowsill
    Dust clinging like a sheet to the mirrors
    Curtains closed for days on end... more »