Tamara Turner Poems

U.S.A(I Live Up North)

Hi I live in the U.S.A
In washington state up north.
Where I live there's an green bridge
It divides between Oregon state... more »

Dark Cave And An Ocean

Decompose my pre-exposed notions
Dripping wet now I'm drowning in a ocean
Motions over take me wave by wave
The under current pulls me under... more »

Clouds Of Relief

When I sit in silence my soul is still
The waves do not move
Things feel so surreal
There's no one around... more »

Tamara Turner Quotes

When it comes to age There is no center stage
Sitting on my hands and knees so I'll be quiet is challenging. When I feel attacked I want to spring forth like a cheetah and defend myself. But I'm learning to be slow to reacting. Plus if someone's hating on me it isn't about me.
Less reacting more waiting

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