• A Promise Someday Waiting

    You are my love
    You are my life
    Someday we be together
    Someday I will be your wife... more »

  • Another Form Of Punishment

    I saw my friend last night he came to me in a dream.
    He called me up one night to see if anything interesting was happening.
    I hardly seehim anymore and we hardly speak.
    I guess you can say were like mimes slowly floating up the creek.... more »

  • Butterflies And Imaginary Friends

    I am a butterfly
    A glimmer of something that you can't quite catch with with the naked eye
    The small springs that flows above the under current
    That small voice that nudges you to move forward... more »

  • Butterflies And Imaginary Friends (With Audio)

    I am a butterfly
    A glimmer of something that you can't quite catch with with the naked eye
    The small springs that flows above the under current
    That small voice that nudges you to move forward... more »

  • Cave Hideaway

    Have you ever felt so hurt that you didn't want anyone close to you know?
    Because maybe you just felt too embarrassed and or needed to hide?
    You needed to find a safe place to collect your thoughts and inner self.
    The only thing that seemed to pull me out of that for a brief moment was when someone texted me.... more »

  • Chronicles Of A Lost Poem

    The heart hides in the shadows
    Or in untold stories and lost battles
    The battle within love hate war
    Sometimes even over lost relationships and friends... more »

  • Clouds Of Relief

    When I sit in silence my soul is still
    The waves do not move
    Things feel so surreal
    There's no one around... more »

  • Dark Cave And An Ocean

    Decompose my pre-exposed notions
    Dripping wet now I'm drowning in a ocean
    Motions over take me wave by wave
    The under current pulls me under... more »

  • Dead Living Things

    Each year I see a tag, a label
    Each year I see different posts of what you think of me
    It makes me feel unstable
    Never bite the hands that feeds... more »

  • Dry Land

    Perpetually drifting in a uphill battle
    I'm in the middle of ocean but I can still
    hear the rattles.
    I never knew a snake could travel this far.... more »

  • Early November

    On the first week of november, I got a call that I will forever remember.
    It felt cold outside as the window started to pick up.
    I felt like I just been hit by a semi metaphorically.
    Then I felt this wave of guilt thinking how it wasn't fair.... more »

  • Hope

    Hope springs eternal
    Its all I have
    When the lights go off
    Its what I reach for... more »

  • I Miss You In My Dreams

    I once dreamed of a guy who was my friend
    He lived in a crappy motel off of the dead end
    The walls were green and had a 70's feel
    Even though he was fair and had a good head of there... more »

  • Love Gone Mania

    For all I know I'm just having a manic episode.
    There's no love story here to be told
    For the majority of my life I've been high.
    one might wonder why haven't I just killed over yet and died.... more »

  • My Behold

    My heart and soul feels seperated from my behold
    I feel the anxiety build as your sinister plan unfold
    I watch everything around me fall like dominos
    Row by row... more »

  • Party Of One

    its the party of one
    The night is young
    the sun is going down
    but ive just came alive... more »

  • Pen And Paper (16 Years Later)

    Pen and paper.
    For when time will heal.
    Pen and paper
    For words held still in time that I cannot feel.... more »

  • Rebirth (A New You)

    I'm writing my way out of that narrative into another one.
    Life is what you make it
    I don't know how many times I've heard that.
    Probably many times in a life time.... more »

  • Run

    We had an nice run our time was fun
    Keepingrunning full speed ahead to the sun
    Dark cave in the moon midnight is coming way too soon
    The dark clouds eclipse over the sun then the clouds begin to spin into an vortex..... more »

  • Self Image And Mortality

    There are lines on my face that were not there before
    My spirit is young forever
    But my body is not here anymore
    It has with stood the test of time... more »

  • Short Poem More Or Less

    More action and less satisfaction
    More moving and less sitting back and grooving.
    Bigger, better, faster stronger
    I'm burning that night oil to stay up longer.... more »

  • Strength

    I run into infinity with my arms stretched out wide
    I jump as far as I can until my fingers can touch the sky
    There's no limits to where life will take me
    The obstacles that I've overcome I'm still here standing... more »

  • The Man Of Chivarly

    The captain aboards his ship.
    He flashes a big grin and stands like a man of valor.
    Great courage in the face of danger, especially in battle.
    This pirate was no coward.... more »

  • The Masked Ace

    He had an smile that could draw me in.
    He was an chameleon that could turn himself into anything even into a really good friend.
    Extravagant, go big or go home was his moto.
    He never could seemed to slow down his speed was warped speed.... more »

  • The Sand Storms Of Time

    In the sand storms of time long ago
    We both found our selves in a place that we did not know
    With bleeding hearts gasping for air we were swept up in the storms of life without a care
    We managed to hold on to each other you were always there... more »