• Fallin Again

    I've fallin again why tell me why I've fallin fa you again
    Is It because of all the things you say to me
    na... more »

  • Hurting

    You all deceived me
    Did me wrong
    You make me want to leave
    I loved you all... more »

  • If Only I Had My Hubby

    If only i had my hubby
    my heart would whole

    If only i had my hubby... more »

  • Love N/Or Hate

    I hate you because u dumped me
    I hate you because u broke my heart
    I hate you because the one time i let myself love u tore me apart
    I hate you because u was nothing but anotha guy n i didn't need that... more »

  • You

    you make me smile
    you bring me joy
    so true & real
    It seems as a dream... more »