• Blue Ish

    Lushish colour... more »

  • Bubbly

    They're laughing at me
    I can hardly believe
    that they would call me that
    i just want to go and hide in my hat... more »

  • Dance

    And enjoy the... more »

  • I Thought Wrong

    I thought i'd be heck
    like being hit in the neck
    but i was terribally wrong
    so now i can sing this newly formed song... more »

  • Peeps

    Pretty little
    Essential... more »

  • Reading

    I love to read
    but you can't see
    that I have read
    everything that is worth reading to me... more »

  • School Is Out! ! ! ! !

    School is out, and I'm incredably sad
    And it's driving me completly mad.
    My friends are all gone, I'm the only one left
    I've been robbed, it's a terrible theft... more »

  • Simpsons Poem

    I had a cat named Snowball, he died he died
    Mom said he was sleeping, she lied she lied!
    Why oh why is my cat dead
    Couldn't that Chrysler hit me instead? !... more »

  • Student Led Confrances

    not good for me
    I'd rather be outside to play
    'cause it's so beauitful today.... more »

  • Sung It

    Once i was young
    i sung what i sung
    but now i know how to do it
    to read and to write the thought that i thite... more »

  • Thanks

    I heard you were sick
    It's as bad as it gets
    It's not a picknic
    You were probally wet... more »

  • The Movies

    I want to go to the movies and eat a bunch of candy
    I want to take the car, and not go and ' Hop there like a dandy'
    I want to see the movie that is #1,
    I want to go to the movies and have a lot of fun!... more »