I began writing many, many years ago as a way to control my words and emotions when I was upset or angry. It slowly developed into a passion that has enriched my life over and over again.

As many do, I write about my feelings, views, and life events. I also love to write about what I see (or think I see) happening in my world around me. I see strangers and situations that catch my eye and I wonder what they could be thinking or feeling and I go with it. It is an odd hobby, but one that brings me much joy.

I have 3 of the most amazing and beautiful daughters, who have shown me life as I never, saw before. They offer me a multitude of topics and opportunities to write about. I am extremely fortunate.

My writing has always been mine and mine alone until recently, when I gave a poem to my daughter. It forever changed the way she perceived me as a person and as her mother. That feeling can never be replicated, but maybe my words can offer that affect to someone else.

“Enjoy your Journey”


Tammie Lee Peterson Poems

I See

I See
I see your secret glances at the photos on the wall,
I see you look away like it doesn’t bother you at all.
I see your hidden sorrow; I know it all to well,... more »


Are your words
That contradicts all your actions... more »

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