• Caught

    my eyes die
    as i hear your name
    i put my head down
    and hide in shame... more »

  • Days Go By

    Days go by
    Day turns to night
    Lovers kiss
    And sometimes fight... more »

  • Do U See It The Way I Do?

    closing my eyes
    i'll take the drink to
    I'll begin to cry
    its all because of you... more »

  • Drink

    Why do you drink?
    is it because of him?
    You take another shot
    the liquor glistening at the brim.... more »

  • Fathers

    be glad i had him
    yes i know
    you never knew him
    is that the hate you show?... more »

  • Hold My Breath

    Is it really worht it
    to see if you care
    i hold my breath in
    as my heart begins to tare... more »

  • I'Ll Stay

    i could leave
    but i choose to stay
    why? i dont know
    maybe to see what you'd say... more »

  • It Was You

    It was you who
    made me cry
    it was you who
    told me every lie... more »

  • Jessica

    She's my best friend
    Who's always there
    Even when it seems
    I dont really care... more »

  • Just A Lullaby

    I close my eyes
    this song i sing
    hopefully in your ears
    it'll ring... more »

  • Just Another Chapter

    Summer's just a dream
    i miss every little trend
    ever since school started
    my heart has begun to mend... more »

  • Key Of Lies

    Angels sing
    Through endless rain
    Dancing away
    all the pain... more »

  • Masks

    Simple smiles
    Can hide every lie
    Hide the secrets
    Until we die... more »

  • Should I?

    Here in your arms again
    my smile begins to glow
    holding your hand
    Never to leg to... more »

  • Sing Of Freedom

    sleep quietly
    and hear me sing
    please angels keep him safe
    under your feathered wing... more »

  • Surprise

    Forget the past
    Leave the regret
    Remember who you are
    Please never forget... more »

  • Throw It Away

    throw the liquor away
    please stop this fight to
    please i promise
    it's the last i ask of you... more »