Born into an Eastern religious cult and raised by feral dogs on a small Greek island whose waters were patrolled by Albanian gun-boats. Introduced to the Sapphic joys by a lesbian naturist with a motorbike. Taught self to read and did a degree in Old English Literature. Jobs have included cowboy, chambermaid, dam-builder, shawl-maker, farmhand, vet, zookeeper, proofreader, table dancer, book seller, ghostwriter. Now living in the wilds of Scotland, in a stone gatehouse full of abandoned animals.


Tan Morgan Poems

Branwen And The Starling

You were my shadow in the darkness
of the kneading-trough.
I taught you to speak, to love;
named you for the child I lost,... more »


A woman in a burqa boards the northbound
tube train on the Circle line. Two weeks back,
the Underground was twisted metal, fire,
it was torn-up people, it was blood:... more »

The Red Scarf

October's dying, and I'm looking for a friend,
A kindred spirit I've mislaid
Somewhere between a grief and recollection.
This bus - an any bus - pulls up,... more »

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