• Amateur Naturalist

    Trudging the marsh,
    Looking for dragonflies, watersnails, tadpoles;
    My breath sucked at the April mist-water,
    My boots grew gills;... more »

  • Branwen And The Starling

    You were my shadow in the darkness
    of the kneading-trough.
    I taught you to speak, to love;
    named you for the child I lost,... more »

  • Ice Rink

    The rink, like a disc of frosting
    In a baker's display,
    Was encrusted with children -
    Three hundred hats on three hundred heads,... more »

  • In Case I Am Marooned

    In case I am marooned on a desert island,
    I'll equip myself with twine, a Swiss army knife,
    And Ray Mears.
    I'll bring sandals, blankets,... more »

  • Jihad

    A woman in a burqa boards the northbound
    tube train on the Circle line. Two weeks back,
    the Underground was twisted metal, fire,
    it was torn-up people, it was blood:... more »

  • Katrina's Legacy

    Three storeys of fading memories
    Stand on a hill.
    I tread the ribcage of its staircase,... more »

  • The Red Scarf

    October's dying, and I'm looking for a friend,
    A kindred spirit I've mislaid
    Somewhere between a grief and recollection.
    This bus - an any bus - pulls up,... more »