i`m just ur average chick..alot of people call me white cause i love rock and country music....i want to move to the country so bad....i love to sit around and listen to break up songs so gangsta i know...i love keyshia cole she is the truth no that....i have alot of mouth i will argue wit anybody ova anything and i love it....i get a kick out of seeing people let me get them upset....i am very emotional and i cry alot....u will neva see me cry unless at a funeral....before i cry i leave the room and go to my room shut the door and turn the music up and cry emo i know....i hate life and i wish i die so i dont do alot of things cause i dont try to make a point to enjoy something i hate if i die today or tomorrow it wont make me no nevamind if u want to know more bout me just hit ya gurl up in a message or on myspace(www.myspace.com/dkm_babygurl) but know that i do have a GURL/WIFEY that i do love alot and am 100% faithful too


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last night as i sat up in my bed
all i heard was a voice in my head
not your pleasant sweet southern accent
but the voice of a devil calling those who dont repent... more »

Yesterday I Decided

Yesterday I decided that there was no God
And if there was a God where is he
I decided that there was no purpose for me
I was placed upon this earth to hate and be hated... more »


how can u claim to love me?
when u doubt me
you and doubt = love + me
did i add that correctly?... more »

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