My name is Taneka Janelle Young a educated young black native american, born in Maryland raised in capital heights Maryland 505 nova avenue.Attended Benjamin D.Folouis Elementary school from kindegarden to 6 grade where I graduated.And then I went to Walker Mill Milddle school where I spent 7 and 8 grade.Iam very quiet, kind, and polite, i'm thoughtful of others and verying caring.I dislike to be mean and love to have fun like going to the park to play basketball or football, going skateing or just to the movies, basicly just like to have fun.Its hard for me to say no when people ask me stuff, I have long black indian hair to much hair so I put it in buns.My mother name is karen young, farther Harold young and one older sister Krystal young, i'm lucky cause my mother and farther are still together.since I been in school i have been making awsome grades staying in the A, B, C average.I have a boy that I really love as of today we have been going together for 5years, longer then some people marriages last hahaha but for real though me and him decide to spen the rest of are life today together.And we have been threw some roguh time but we made it threw.well today is MARCH 21,2007 AND I am writing a biography of myself i'm 15 in the 9grade have a 3.63 I WANT TO BE A FASHION DESIGNER and want to go to MORGAN STATE UNIVERSITY or HOWARD UNIVERSITY and be a succesful black AFRICAN AMERICAN WOMAN.