• Afraid

    I'm afraid to be alone
    lonely with no one
    Afraid to be sad
    then tempted to be glad... more »

  • Alone

    How could he lie to me
    We've been together for so long
    I guess I was blind to see
    His love for me was gone... more »

  • Am I Wrong?

    Am I wrong for wanting you back
    For believing you have changed and back on track
    Forgeting all those days you played my face
    For wanting to be in love again, no matter what it takes... more »

  • Baby Chill

    Your a nice person sweet and smart
    But I don't think you can handle us being apart
    I can't walk around without you stalking me
    As if I 'm a flirtie or a model hotie... more »

  • Back Down Memory Lane

    I had no idea, no clue what so ever
    after I heard your voice
    when I thought I would never
    To my God I rejoiced... more »

  • Behind Closed Doors

    How can one learn
    about the roads of life
    When opportunity is tooken
    and buried from the light... more »

  • Better Luck Next Time

    I know you hate me now
    Don’t want me around any more
    But I took away your frowns
    I was the one who walked you threw the door... more »

  • Caught

    He didn’t know
    I was watching the entire time
    His arms around her waist
    Hypnotizing her mind... more »

  • Complete Without You

    I know you left me for a freak
    Thinking it would break me
    But I'm more than what you see
    Someone you could never be... more »

  • Could You Forgive Me?

    I understand how you feel, I did you wrong
    Out of all the things you've given me
    and the love you've shown
    I went behind your back and disrepected you like a fool... more »

  • Deep Inside

    I know its been a while
    since we've spoke to each other
    But please give me time
    'let me get myself together'... more »

  • Enough

    I'm torn inside
    I don't know where to turn
    Im loosing my mind
    I need some time alone... more »

  • Esteem

    There are so many feelings I feel because of you
    Deep within my heart I feel brandnew
    The things you would say to me seems so true
    and then you wonder why I love you... more »

  • Go Get Tested

    Just when a women thought her husband was out working
    It took her to catch aids to find out he was cheating
    This women is married got five children
    living independent in “her home”... more »

  • Goodbye

    We've been together for so long
    I can't believe all those signs you've shown
    I paid it no mind
    Walking around saying ''you love me''... more »

  • Grandpa

    You kept me looking
    For that shinning star
    You kept me dreaming and hoping
    Of that day I’ll make it far... more »

  • Have I Ever Told You

    Have I ever told you that I care
    No matter what you do
    You know I'll always be there... more »

  • Here We Go Again

    You’ve lied so many times
    A blind man could see
    You’ve always thought about yourself
    You never cared about me... more »

  • Hidden Beauty

    On the right day he held you close
    Pouring out his love to you the most
    The smile on your face shines like the sun
    just warmth and comfort... more »

  • I Am In Love

    You may call me crazy
    cause you don't understand me
    But I know I'm a lady
    and deep inside I am in love... more »

  • I Know (Song)

    Somedays its hard you feel you want to cry
    Loaded inside with so much to hide
    I know there's pain through out your life
    You feel you can't trust no one but God... more »

  • I Need Love

    Sometimes I loose control
    and could be very rude
    But that's not who I am
    I have a nice attitude... more »

  • I'M Here

    (To all children)

    If there’s anything you need
    You can count on me... more »

  • I'Ve Moved On

    You want me to be your girl
    and leave the past up to the world
    Forfill your dreams by staying in your heart
    and tell you everyday we will never be far apart,... more »

  • Jealousy

    you see me as a girl
    you could've never been
    I had more than you
    you were only my friend... more »