• 3 Little Words

    When we make love together,
    I get feelings that I want to last for ever.
    The loving light that shines from your eyes,
    is like the sparkling stars in the skies.... more »

  • A Beautiful Song

    Come take my hand,
    let us together go for a walk,
    in this beautiful land.... more »

  • A Better Place

    A Better Place

    Oh! If only into the future we could see,
    then perhaps, a better people we would be.... more »

  • A Dream

    You came to me in the middle of the night,
    oh, what a beautiful sight.
    Your hair was gold, and your eyes were blue,
    a nightdress I could see right through.... more »

  • A Fate Worse Than Deathauthor Unknown.

    A Fate Worse Than Death

    He grabbed me by my slender neck,
    I could not beg or scream.... more »

  • A Liivng Hell

    A Living Hell

    I shot at the sheriff,
    he shot me,... more »

  • A Link In The Chain

    Man is an idiot, and a fool,
    for he thinks that nature,
    he can rule.
    But until he learns to accept,... more »

  • A Man With A Vision

    A Man With a Vision

    There was a man who had a vision.
    he saw a world without hate,... more »

  • A Moment In Time

    We are but a moment in time,
    rushing through space.
    Living on a planet,
    trapped by a star.... more »

  • A Moons View

    The moon hangs bright in the sky,
    looking down, on you and I.
    She has watched mans progress, through eons of time,
    right from the start, seeing him crawl, out of the slime.... more »

  • A Pile Of Rotting Cash

    The world has become a terrible place.
    I often ponder,
    what is to become of the human race.
    Everywhere there is poverty, and greed.... more »

  • A Pirates Song

    Hi ho, hi ho,
    A pirating we will go.
    We will sail the seas,
    and follow the breeze.... more »

  • A Single Tear

    A single tear slid down my cheek,
    as the silent days,
    turned into lonely weeks.... more »

  • A Tropical Dream

    A Tropical Dream

    Come take my hand,... more »

  • A Whales Tail

    This is a true story, it happend in a coastal town in the south island of New Zealand, which is famous for its whale watching.... more »

  • All In A Rush

    Cars, here bikes, there,
    people rushing everywhere.
    There goes a man in a dash,
    Oops, hes had a crash.... more »

  • Alone

    Alone I sleep in my bed
    But in reality I am never alone
    For you are with me... more »

  • Alone No More

    Every day all alone was I,
    the only one under the sun.
    But then there came,
    a knocking on my door,... more »

  • An Insane World

    The world has gone completely insane,
    when religious fanatics kill innocent children,
    for their own ideological gain.
    Scenes that I saw on T.V. last night,... more »

  • An Ocean Apart

    Even though we live,
    an ocean apart,
    somehow gradually,
    you have crept into my heart.... more »

  • An Old Ladys Poem Author Unknown See Poems Story


    What do you see, nurses, what do you see?
    What are you thinking when you're looking at me?... more »

  • Another Day

    The lakes surface was like a mirror,
    reflecting the pale blue sky,
    with out a shimmer.
    Then the sun came,... more »

  • Au Revoir

    Au revoir

    It is au revoir,
    and not good bye... more »

  • Beaches Of Life

    Beaches of Life

    Roses are red,
    skies are blue.... more »

  • Beauty And The Beast

    Nature is beautiful, quiet, and serene,
    nature is the forest, with its many shades of green.
    Nature is the birds, welcoming in the dawn,
    nature is a calf, struggling to its feet as soon as it is born.... more »